Universal Gauges And Instruments, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company established in the year 1986 for design, development and manufacturing of special application tools, diagnosis tools, ergonomically designed workshop equipment’s and fixtures at world class standards, wanted to refine and define their products through offline correspondence.

What we did?

How we did?


Universal Gauges And Instruments had been running a very successful business over several decades. Nevertheless, they had low product awareness among their clients. It was unable to promote their tools specifications that would benefit their customers. They wanted to get their instruments to the forefront of their marketing efforts.

To increase the awareness, they had to introduce their product details in the market. We were engaged with the firm to communicate their equipment information in the industry.


We implemented the “Shaping Strategy” which gave the firm a new face in the market. The engagement began with a communication medium, which revealed wider relationships between the firm and its customers. We recreated the product awareness to gain traction as the preferred manufacturer and developer of pressure gauges.

We refined brand messaging and implemented a new product architecture through offline communication medium.


The product awareness of the firm impressed the customers and business partners. This medium served to reset their mindset on how to attract a wider variety of clients.

With the new cohesive brand communication in place, the sales team has a better platform to communicate with customers and prospects to pursue the company’s value proposition.