Kotnis Group, a standout amongst the most confided names in the hospitality and real estate industry, needed rebranding to capture a better way to communicate with its clients. They worried about their low brand visibility compared to a larger competitor was impacting their ability to invite new leads and increase sales.

What we did?

How we did?


Kotnis Group was a successful business when it came to us. Still, they had low visibility within the marketplace. Even though the clients felt the positive impact of the firm’s commitment, this was not being communicated in the market.

To communicate their brand to their customers, they had to begin with rebranding and enhancing their visibility.


With our in-depth research, it was confirmed that the company’s values were the cornerstone of their success. These findings led to a new brand position that conveys the idea about the company’s

The new positioning, messaging and imagery were used as the basis for their firm’s brand.


The rebranding process increased the visibility within the marketplace to differentiate itself from competitors.

The brand continues to thrive and inspire in much the state when it was launched.