To enrich its services, “Royal Camping Club” offering their guests with experience that transcends from the body to the mind and then the soul, wanted to enhance its perceptibility and maintain its consistency.

What we did?

How we did?


Royal Camping Club was already a successful business when they had approached our team. However, they wanted to claim its own space in the market. It had outgrown its current marketing efforts and needed guidance on how to enhance their brand visibility and connect with more potential customers. It was a crucial situation for the company to assess and redefine the market position for the brand in order to differentiate itself from their competitors.

To meet these challenges, they had to convey the true value of the company and its services and extend their audience reach by attracting new clients.


We organized the company’s architecture by using the “Classical Strategy ”. This strategy was applied to predict the market position and increase their brand visibility and accessibility. We started with the company’s in-depth 360 degree research which gave us insights about the company’s strengths and opportunities.

Our firm helped them to create their visual identity for their brand communication. We refined their message and designed product kits that targeted luxurious clients.


Seeing the new possibilities almost immediately, the Royal Camping Club team embraced the new brand communication and began talking about itself and its competence in a whole new way.

We are proud to have provided them with cohesive concepts with marketing and branding support to remain consistent in the market and keep delivering their brand promise to their clients. These concepts and strategies helped increase their sales by 23% and the lead generation by another 10%.