Cuero, one of India’s first manufacturer of handcrafted luxury shoes, felt limited by its existing name and needed to capture the full value and range of its service offerings. It sought guidance in transforming its brand as the company faced a turbulent marketplace and increasing competitive pressure.

What we did?

How we did?


The firm needed to seize a better way to communicate the breath and value of its properties to its clients. They required social media marketing with a whole new level of digital experience. They also wanted to seek brand communication and digital experience for key audiences as an extension of the brand identity with a design focused on portraying their forward thinking vision and capturing the company’s innovative and socially responsible nature.

To reach these visions, Cuero needed to refine their market position to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


We did a brand audit to assess the key audiences. We applied the “Classical Strategy” to predict the market, along with crafting new brand messaging and creating brand awareness.

We implemented a new level of digital experience across the online platform to ensure it would rank highly and be found by the right target audience.


We in creased their reach through online and offline media making it easier for Cuero to communicate with their products and value proposition to the potential clients through social media platforms and across the medium.