Elvice Mechatronics, a trusted name for all auto electrical and mechatronics component, wanted a prominent name recognition outside its base client.

What we did?

How we did?


Elvice Mechatronics had enjoyed steady growth over the course of a decade before they contacted us. They wanted to refresh their brand which would encourage more cohesiveness to solidify its public message to its customers. The company required a new website with a more modernised look and feel. The firm also sought to improve communication and digital accessibility for its key targets.

To address their concerns, they needed an internal brand transformation to remain competitive in an ever-changing market.


Our discovery process through the “Classical Strategy” showed gaps that needed altering the firm from inside-out.

The refreshed brand and a new digital experience provided a valuable platform for Elvice Mechatronics. To improve the visibility and accessibility for each key audience, we designed a new level of digital experience for their potential clients.


Elvice Mechatronics reorientation felt like a positive movement. We gave recognition to the new brand through the launch of printed materials and digital experience so that the customers are aware of the brand’s new outlook.

There’s a new clarity around their firm’s ability to serve as a total auto-service solution provider. We continue to work closely with Elvice Mechatronics as its brand outperforms their competitors in a volatile market.